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Please be notified that our plastic bags packages have our logo of following

We have a full line products of plastic T-Shirt Bags, Produce Bags and Garbage Bags. Customized and special ordered bags are welcomed with a minimum quantity.

1/10 BK
1/10 Black 1500pcs
1/10 White
1/6 BK 200PCS
1/6 BK 350PCS
1/6 BK 600PCS
1/6 BK 1000PCS
1/6 Brown 500PC
1/6 Brown 600PC
1/6 Flower
1/6 LD Black
1/6 LD Blue
1/6 Smile Face
1/6 Thank you-V 500PCS
1/6 Thank you-V 600PCS
1/6 Thank you-V 1000PCS
1/8 BK 300 PCS
1/8 BK 1000 PC
1/8 BK 600 PCS
1/8 Flower
1/8 Smile Face
One Bottle Liquor Bag
Two Bottles Liquor Bag
26'' Black
26'' Jumbo Black-v
26'' Jumbo White-v
32'' Jumbo Black
32'' Jumbo Black-v
32'' Jumbo Blue
32'' Jumbo Blue-v
36'' Jumbo Black
46" Jumbo Black
30" HD Grabage Bag
39''XXHD Grabage Bag
46''XXHD Grabage Bag
58''XXHD Grabage Bag
Clear 10*8*24 R
Clear 10*8*24 EH
Clear 8*4*18 EH
Clear 8*4*18 M Vented
Clear 8*4*18 R
Roll Bag 10"*15"
Roll Bag 12"*20"
FINE FARE Super Market Bag
MET FOOD Super Market Bag
C-TOWN Super Market Bag
ASSOCIATED Super Market Bag
PIONEER Super Market Bag
COMPARE FOOD Super Market Bag
Clear Tape 2'*110yard
Brown Tape 2'*110yard
Strach Wrap 18"*1500feet